A keyring API for sharing jabber fingerprints with friends.
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A restfull keyring API with web UI to share your OMEMO fingerprints for jabber with the people you like.

Create an account, store your OMEMO fingerprints and share it with your friends. There is no need to type in your 64 chars long fingerprint for each of your friends. Just enter it once and decide which people you want to share your keyring with.


  • A webserver (Nginx, Apache, etc.)
  • PHP 7.4 (with php-fpm configured)
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • qrencode


Before you start setting up make sure you have an empty MySQL database created. You also need a database user that has full access to the newly created database!

Then clone or copy the ringfinger folder to the location folder of your webserver. Move into the ringfinger folder and start the setup process

make setup

Webserver configuration

Despite your basic setup with PHP and MySQL/MariaDB your webserver has to to rewrite all requests that access the path /ringfinger/api/v1/... to /ringfinger/api/v1/index.php to make the API working.


Add the following line to your nginx.conf or to a separate file that will be included by the nginx.conf:

rewrite /ringfinger/api/v1/.* /ringfinger/api/v1/index.php;

Also make sure you deny the access to /ringfinger/backend for all!