WowApp's awesome instant messenger app for the whole guild.
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What is that?!

METAsocket is WowApp's awesome instant messenger and keeps your connection to your guild.


  • NodeJS and NPM
  • Ionic Framework with Angular
  • Mac device with Xcode (for iOS)
  • Android Studio with Android SDK and Java Virtual Machine (for Android)


  1. Download and install NodeJS ( or your package manager)
  2. Clone or download the project and enter the project folder
  3. Install the npm dependencies: npm install
  4. Build the project: ionic build
  5. Build for yor platform: ionic cordova build android (for Android) or ionic cordova build ios (for iOS)
  6. Your platform build is now inside the subfolder platforms. Open it with Android Studio or Xcode to generate packages or to build the app directly on your mobile device.